Recent Political Drama on GST bill

The Indian government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a number of efforts during the recently concluded parliament session to bring the opposition Congress party on the discussion table for the GST Bill. But it seems that the Congress was bent upon shouting in the well of the house and staging walkouts and not allowing the parliament to function. The House was adjourned a number of times by the speaker to keep the functioning in order.

The Goods and Services Tax aims to create a uniform tax regime for the entire population of 1.2 Billion. It could be the biggest revenue rejig since the country became independent. Many analyst and supporters of the bill believe that the reform could boost the economic growth by almost 2%.

The murmurs from the Congress benches indicate that the actions on the floor of the parliament are exact replicas of what happened in the previous sessions when Congress was in power. They say that BJP was disrupting the house in the same fashion and was least concerned with the passage of the bill for the benefit of the economy. However, the Congress diverted the whole thing demanding the resignations of the Chief Ministers of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh first, before proceeding for GST or any other bill.

It appears that the Gandhi family led Congress was in a pre-decisive mode to not let the Parliament function even before the Monsoon session began. Those who saw the statements made by the Congress spokespersons in the debate on the subject on the Times Now channel would have sensed the mood of the Congress very clearly. BJP members were open to the idea of discussing issues on the floor of the house including the scams in Rajasthan and MP, but wanted to keep the GST bill discussions in flow.

The logjam was pretty evident on a daily basis in the Parliament monsoon session. BJP seems to be getting back the taste of the follies it has committed in the past. However, with their resolve to launch the GST from April, 2016 they have earned the support of the masses. The Indian public wanted the parliamentarians to do their job for which they have been elected.  With the media bringing them live coverage of the incidents happening in the parliament, they have begun to understand that how important it is for the parliament to transact on the floor of the house if the country is to move ahead.

But will the elected representatives of the country rise above the “tit for tat” dirty politics and place the country ahead of their political vendetta? The maturity does not seem to be there. It was evident from the way the so called parliamentarians displayed their method of working in front of the Bhutanese delegation. They were our special guests who had come to see the working of the largest democracy in the world. They would have gone back disappointed for sure, just like the millions of Indian population.

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