Cadre restructuring to set the ball for GST rolling

GST is one of the biggest indirect tax reforms to occur in India. On its way of economic integration of the country, the Finance ministry is keen to set the ball rolling as soon as possible and is thus, not leaving any stone unturned for the successful implementation of GST.

Administrative restructuring is next on the radar to assist in smooth transition from the current tax regime. Preliminary work on reorganisation of field offices of central excise and service tax has been initiated. The Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) is gearing up for cadre restructuring of various officials of central excise and service tax. These officials are expected to take over once the new tax regime sets in.

The Government has instructed its officials to provide the annual turnover-wise assesses list for both Service Tax and Excise. It has also asked field formations to provide information on the number of State-wise and annual turnover-wise assessees of value-added tax as well as the existing organisational structure, appeal and review system for the State levy.

Further, nodal officers are proposed to be appointed to coordinate with the state governments in this regard. All this will help the administration to be prepared for a speedy and smooth implementation of the GST bill once all the legislative clearances have been taken. The GST bill is likely to come in effect either from June 1 or September 1.

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